Longreach is a big town and had most of the things we needed. It also has the Qantas Founders Museum, the Powerhouse Museum and the Stockmans’ Hall of Fame, and that is also our order of preference when marking these 3 museums. A visit to the Stockmans Hall of Fame was much anticipated and most disappointing. Exhibits were tired and not working and there was far too much text to read, no activities for children and absolutely no guidance from the staff. The next day we went to the Longreach Powerhouse Museum, a small museum which is in fact the powerhouse that was de-commissioned only a few years ago.


The man on the front counter was most helpful, the signage was adequate and not overwhelming and the cats added a nice touch.


Nogo House is in the rear yard of the powerhouse and it is a good extra to the visit.


There are a couple of small general history rooms too but the powerhouse is well worth a visit.

The Qantas Founders Museum is excellent and we spent the whole day there.


There was so much to do and see and lots and lots of good quality videos to watch from comfortable chairs. The tour of the 707 and 747 were worth the extra charge and the guide was excellent. He later served coffee in the café so his time at Longreach is giving him a rounded career!!!


Our stay in Longreach gave us time to wash clothes and even time for Eric to go to the doctor for meds for his tonsillitis.

Among the little extras found in town was the art gallery centre which must have been a lodge in the past. From the road it looked to be made of brick and stone. Closer investigation proved that it is covered with pressed metal to look like brick and stone.




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